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Saturday, September 8, 2018

top 10 ancient gadgets in the world

top 10 ancient gadgets in the world:-

top 10 ancient gadgets in the world

However, we know how modern techniques have played an important role in modernizing the daily life style of the people. But do we know that even hundreds of years ago, humans were technically capable.

 History and archaeological findings show that it has always been attracting technology and technology to humans. We are giving names of the world's 10 most ancient machinery here for general information.

antikythera mechanism:-

It is believed that it was made 2000 years ago and it is an ancient Greek analogue computer used to know the celestial situation, for astrological purposes and to predict eclipses.

the coso artifact:-

It has been claimed by the searchers that this device is a spark plug in a hard clay or a lump of rock, and that journey was made 5,00,000 years ago when humans were not aware of the current flow though its origins There are three presentations: Firstly it is made by a very intelligent ancient civilization such as Atlantis; Secondly it has come from the future; And the third is of Alien origin.

biagong pipes:-

It is a series of pipes on the white hill of China. It is also known as the Dillinga Pipe. The most interesting thing is that the testimony of any civilizations is not found around it, that is, the reason for which it has been created is still unknown. However, they are of the same size and are located near the saltwater lake.


It is a sandstone made of Xylophone that was formed in the Neolithic Age (8000-2500 BC). This shows that human and music has a relation for centuries.

roman dodecahedra:-

It is a hollow object made of twelve flat face bronze or stone with a geometric shape. Although it is not yet known, it is not known what is this, but one of the most accepted principles is that the Roman Dodekdra is a measuring instrument used to accurately measure a boundary on the battlefield.

Figurine of Mystery Airplanes:-

Seeing the birds flying in the sky, the dream of mankind is also flying. During the excavation in Colombia archaeologists had found 1000-year-old statues, these sculptures are believed to have been made by a tribe in the name of Kabibaba. These statues are like modern airplanes, which means tail, landing gear and wings.

The Phaistos Disc:-

It is a disk of soil removed from Finoos of Minoan Palace on Crete Island, which is probably linked to the Middle or North Minoan Bronze Age (second millennium BC). On this disc is a picture of humans, animals, weapons and plants.

byzantine tablet:-

Turkish archaeologists who digging a port site on the European coast of Bosphorus have discovered a 1,200-year-old wood object and claimed that the tablet is ancient computers. This tablet is made up of five tracks and wax was coated in each of the tracks. It is believed that these tablets would be used for the invention or letter of evaluation.

baghdad battery:-

It is the most unique tool of ancient instruments. It is a group of three artifacts made up of ceramic utensils, a metal conduit and rods. It was estimated by some researchers that this object would function as a galvanic cell, possibly used for electroplating or some type of electrotherapy; But in this time, material like electrgilled was not discovered.

dropa stones:-

Its discovery was found in a grave site during excavation in the mountains of the Himalayas. The stone is actually a foot wide circle in which there is a hole in the middle. Scientists believe that this cycle is 12,000 years old.

The above ancient instruments seem to have been as useful as modern machines, so all these instruments of ancient cultures have been useful.

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