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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Top 10 apps

Top 10 apps

We use the only thing in today's time, and the name of that thing is Internet. Yes, we are using the Internet in the present time, and the internet is such a thing that we sit in one place and the world The information can be found only in a few moments, and there is a lot of work from the internet which we can do very easily by sitting in our house.

Top 10 apps,best apps , highest downloaded apps in the world

Because we can do a lot of work from the Internet that we could do ourselves, but before that we had to go to the shop for it and the amount of money the shop had to pay had to be paid to it. Let's say we have to see somebody's result. So if he used to go to the shopkeeper to see that result then he would have taken money from us.

 Now we can see any kind of results on the mobile itself, any kind of information we can get from the internet. That we had to go to another place like before we had to go inside the bank to transfer money, but today we can transfer money online to any You can transfer your money to a relative or any kind of person.This is possible only by applications or apps.

So let's starts what are top 10 apps in the internet world-



*Facebook messenger



*UC Browser






Whatsup (Downloads 1B to 5B)

The most popular mobile app to exchange messages with people who have spent money on their mobile phones without SMS - Whatsups

Today billions of people around the world are using it, and if any other app is downloaded or not on any mobile, this app is definitely the first download and installed.
This app is available for many other types of phones including Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry and Nokia, these can be used for communication between any type of phone.

Facebook (Downloads 1B to 5B)

Facebook is called "social networking website" in common language, i.e. the means to connect with people of life in their personal, family, professional and social life and to communicate and share many dimensions of life with those people.
Generally, people use Facebook to find and connect with their old friends and communicate with their friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Through Facebook, people share their photos, videos and other like links, news, insights and compositions with their friends.

Facebook messenger (Downloads 1B to 5B)

Through Facebook messenger, people share their photos, videos and other like links, news, insights and compositions with their friends.
Facebook has launched the Light version of Messenger for Slow Internet Speed for Indian users. Last year, the company launched it in other countries.

This app is just like Facebook Lite That is, it is easy to use in low bandwidth. In fact, Facebook is targeting users with this light app that has a cheap smartphone and has a slow internet connection.

Instagram (Downloads 1B to 5B)

Instagram also launched like WhatsApp in 2010, but it has taken quite a long time to get into trend in India.
Like many of them there are many social sites in the market but not all fame is because these are all dependent on what is giving us so much more features.

Instagram is a social networking site, which you can use on your phone like Facebook and WhatsApp, and you will get the application from your phone play store.

Snapchat ( Downloads 500M to 1B)

In today's post we are talking about the Snapchat app because Snapchat has become quite famous Android Apps in today's time, it can be estimated from the fact that from Bollywood to large celebrities it is used. And also share your video publicly. Today's article is going to be very special for those who are interested in clicking their Selfie and video as well as share your pictures with the people are also fond of.

Let us tell you that this social networking app was introduced in 2011, in which photo and video sharing facility is given, as well as after clicking on the photo it is also given option to edit and filter the same video In order to make fun, there are several types of options that allow any video to be made funny and entertainment. This app can be used for both Android and iOS devices

UC Browser (Downloads 500M to 1B)

UC Browser Mobile Hindi is a special browser designed for mobile. It is in Hindi. That is, no one can understand its nuances. If there is a low size then there is no space on mobile too. There is also smart downloading, multi-task option. This makes the browser in low speed. The video also comes full screen. There is also secret brooding in it.

You can do all the work on the UC Browser which gives Google Chrome features. From Facebook downloads on UC Browser, video play and live scores can be enjoyed.

Uber (Downloads 100M to 500 M)

This taxi was owned by the international company Uber Taxi Service.

The technology that this company uses, there is a big security deficit.

In order to avoid such incidents, it is necessary to set up a GPS in every taxis. The company whose taxi is a must have the full responsibility to track the status of the passengers.Uber removed a completely different technology system which was a new endeavor. Despite this, there have been many security related issues related to the company in the world.

The biggest problem is that Uber does not have its own car and driver. The car involved in this case is also someone's outsourced car.

The company gives an iPhone to all the car drivers, in which the company's app is. As soon as a customer demands a car, the app notifies it on his phone.

Then there is a message on the driver's phone that there is a consumer here, would you like to take it? If he does yes, the carriage is reached by the consumer.

Youtube (Download 1B to 5 B) 

Youtube is used by crippled people only for sufering, some people get to know the knowledge, and some people share their knowledge and experience with others to earn money!

There is a community of all kinds of people on youtube! People earn millions of money by uploading videos! Top Youtubers in India earn 18 to 20 million rupees a month! Nowadays youtube is the easiest and reliable website to make money online!

SHAREit (Downloads 500M to 1B)

SHAREit is both a mobile app and computer software, compared to SHAREit Bluetooth or Wifi, lets you share files from one device to another on a very fast speed.

With SHAREit you can easily exchange files between two devices, you can send files from your Android to iPhone, iPad or even a Windows computer, you can also create groups in SHAREit, and one At the same time, many users can send the file.

With SHAREit App, you can share photos, videos, audio files, address books, apps, and more.

Bitmoji (Downloads 100M to 500M)

You are using social media and not using emoji. This is hardly possible. Nowadays more emoji is being used in the social media and this is also fun. Through this, you keep your point through easy and a small image. So far you are using all emoji, but today you will use your own emoji. Let's say.

Bitmoji is a very popular and most used app for making emoji. Through this app, you can create great and funny emoji from your photos. You can make Avatar through all the stickers in it. It has many stickers like body type, hair stylus, eyebrow shape. You can download it from the Play Store in Android Phone.

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