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Saturday, September 22, 2018

top 10 countries in the technology

top 10 countries in the technology

The stronger the country's technology, the stronger it is. Technology also makes Advance with smart. Mobile IT Auto Mobile etc. There are many areas where different countries have made themselves smart enough by developing new technology, compared to other countries.

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So let's know about the top 10 countries in the technology which are number one.


Japan is the world's most endowed country in terms of technology. The specialty of this country is that people here always keep thinking of new technology and wish to move forward one step ahead of the world. This is probably the reason that from bullet train to high-fi society, there is a Japanese empire everywhere.

 Not only this, the elevator is so fast that it flips to the second floor from the first floor as soon as the blink starts. Apart from this, the laser gun machine has been invented in Japan itself.


Finland is a country that has always been number one in the field of Economy, Health, Politics and Technology. This country is full of high technological projects.

Apart from this, Capita income on Finland is much higher than other European countries. Looking at the last few years, the technology here has attracted the whole world.

United States America

Speaking of hi-fi technology, the name of the USA is important. The world's well-known companies are located here. It includes number one companies like Intel, AMT, Dell and Google.

 The world's technically fast emerging country is the USA. There are excellent intelligence systems and equipments here. Apart from this, NASA is also the largest institute in Space Riches USA.

South Korea

South Korea has also done a lot of work in the field of science and technology. The most advanced robots in the world have been made in South Korea. Apart from this, the largest market for AC, computer, TV, car and plane manufacturing is in South Korea.

 Tell you that the fastest internet speed in the world is in South Korea. Here the mobile market is also smart, the example of Samsung is in front of you.


For the last 200 years, Germany is constantly emerging as a technology. Here is the world's well-known army, who have state-of-the-art military trunks.

 Apart from this, the infrastructure is also quite high-fi and there is considerable work in the articular sector.


India is the sixth place in technically developed countries. Our country is the world's largest IT hub. Silicon Valley was developed right here. Apart from this, the first university in India was open where all technological science courses were taught.

India has made a lot of progress in IT and software sector. Here the Sanskrit language is considered to be the easiest language for computer. This is why NASA is also planning to include Sanskrit in its computer software.


England is the largest center of scientific research. Many scientific papers have been made here. Apart from this, many well-known historians of the world have been born here.

 Since the last two-three hundred years, England has made many inventions by scientists. From the Consumer Level to the Military level, England has made a lot of progress in every field.


Canada is called the home of technologists. Henry Woodward who invented the first light bulb was Canadian. Apart from health innovation to space technology, Canada has done a lot of good work in many areas.

Canada has mastered high-speed optic cables and quantum computing.


China did not do much work on technology. But here many advanced weapons have been built, which are supplied in other countries.

 However in the next 10-20 years this country will be more developed here.


The private industry is quite successful in Israel. Israel has created the most advanced weapons in the world. Apart from this, even in the field of agriculture, this country has started using modern machines.

Not only this, most PCs in the whole world are in Israel. Simultaneously, the invention of silicon chip and flash drives was done right here.

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