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Monday, September 24, 2018

Top 10 highest paying jobs in india

Top 10 highest paying jobs in india

We often read news about people that many reputable companies are earning crores with high package jobs. Have you ever wondered whether they qualify for it and what are the high pay scales in those jobs? Good education, colleges and knowledge all help in getting a good job and getting a good company. There are many jobs in India that provide a very good salary to the employees, let's know tell about the top 10 highest paying jobs in india.

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Management profession

Although there are many business schools that provide management degree, people coming from major institutions like IIM, IIT, XLRI, FMS, IIIFT and Symbiosis get more salaries. Also, people studying here get good jobs and good careers. And after studying them, they have to do 6 to 1 month training for the job. Initially they get the maximum package up to 20 to 24 lakhs. So, at the same time, the minimum is 7 to 9 lakh per annum. The campus selection of students is done only by most colleges.

Investment bankers

An investment banker's career usually acquires five standard positions, including analysts, associates, deputy directors, directors and managing directors. Salary for various posts is as follows: 5-9 lakh rupees per annum for the analyst, 7-13 lakh for associate and 10 to 40 lakh rupees per year for the vice president. Popular companies for these are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Globip Financial Services Ltd and HSBC Chief.

IT and software engineers

A Trainee software engineer, who has just passed out of college, has a package of 1.5 to 3.5 in his big companies. This package grows with the Experience and is between 3.5 to 6.5 million per year. So the senior software engineer keeps the package up to 4.5 to 10.0 million per year. The program manager receives the package from 6.0 to 13.0 million per annum, Tech Lead has a package of 8.0 to 19.0 million per annum. They also get many international projects along with salaries so that they get an opportunity to work abroad too.

Chartered Accountants

Due to personal strength and ambitions, a new CA can make several achievements. A chartered accountant can work in various areas of financial accounting, tax management, auditing, cost accounting, banking and consulting. But for this, he should be a certified member of the Chartered Accountants Institute (ICAI). E & Y, Deloitte, PwC and ICICI Bank provide good salary for the job of CA in India. A new CA can make money between 5-7 lakh rupees per year. As the Experience increases, and if the MBA degree is also held by CA, then their salary can be 18-24 lakhs per annum.

Medical professional

Doctors' job is the most profitable job. Their demand is everywhere and time. Doctor can also practice private practice and also work in any hospital. All doctors are always benefited by being trained, medicinal specialist or dentist. F new doctor who does not have any experience, initially gets a package of 4.5 to 6 lakh per annum. After that, there is only more and only increase in his salary.

Oil and natural gas fields

At entry level, an employee can get a package of 3.5 to 6 lakh per year in this area. In India, many companies like PSUs such as ONGC, IOCL and Bharat Petroleum provide secure jobs. PSUs provide salary according to the pay commission with additional benefits and benefits. These companies offer more salaries like private sector companies such as British Gas, Reliance Energy, Holierton, Slumberger and Shell. Graduates with 5-6 years of experience and high-level institutions can earn more than Rs 15 lakhs a year.

Aviation Professionals

There has been an increase in the recent commercial time in the commercial airline sector, there is a constant demand for qualified pilots, ground stops, stoves, air hostesses etc. The average salary for both jumbo pilots and regular pilots (in goods or passenger airlines) is between 7 lakh to 9.5 million. The airline's caretaker and air-hostess earn salaries between 4 lakh and 6 lakh rupees. Air Traffic Controllers get 5-6 lakh rupees per year.

Modeling & Acting

On the basis of the roll, a new person gets 2,000 to 10,000 rupees for each episode. So, at the same time, an experienced actor can earn 10,000 / 2, 00,000 per episode in the TV show. According to the role of the first movie in the film industry and the film budget, it can get Rs. 5 lakhs. Modeling assignment differs from fashion shows, print ads for magazines, TV ads, and billboard advertising. A fresher model can charge anything between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10, 000, and a well established model can get 25,000 to 50,000 per work per work. Some successful artists in the Tamil and Hindi film industry pay in crores.

Law professional

Law professionals get the salary according to their employer and track record. Generally, the public sector receives salary according to the official norms. In this, new people receive packages ranging from 6 to 9 lakh per annum. So those who have 4 to 6 years of experience, they get 10-15 lakh rupees per year for the year. They earn on the basis of the number of customers and complexity of the cases. AZB & Partners, Luthra & Luthra and Amarchand Mangaldas are the leading law firms in India who are interested in corporate law. Those who want to work in various multinational companies, they can also get good salaries.

Business Consultant

A business consultant can work in many places. Whether it be a field of finance or a media house. His demand is in every sector and every company. Business Consultant enhances the company's marketing and PR. Those who have 1 year experience can get a package of 4-6 lakhs per year. Only those who have 5 to 7 years experience can get the package according to 12 to 18 lakh per annum. They can get the post of Advisor, Analyst, Senior Analyst, Management and Director.

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