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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Top 10 largest oceans

Top 10 largest oceans

There are more than 100 sea all over the world, which extend from one end to the other. All these oceans are only part of the five oceans of the world. These are separated from each other by partial space. For easy introduction, they are often known as country or islands near them. Like the Aquatic part of the Pacific Ocean near Japan, 'Japan Sea' and part of the Indian Ocean located near the Bengal state of India, it is known as 'the Bay of Bengal'.

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Now let us know some important facts about the top 10 largest oceans. This list has been prepared by gathering information from many sources. If you have any other important information, please notify us via email so that the article can be given in more detail -

Philippines Sea

The Philippines Sea is the world's largest ocean. It is a marginal sea situated in the north-east of the Philippines, which falls in the western part of the North Pacific Ocean. The deepest place on this earth also falls in the Mariana Trench (Mariana Trench) under the same sea. Philippines and Taiwan on the west of the Philippines Sea, Japan in the north, Mariana in the east and Palau Island in the south. Situated near this, Makassar Sagar and Celebus Sea are the main ones.

Area - The total area of ​​the Philippines Sea is 5,695,000 sq km and its average depth is 4,108 meters.

Islands - Philippines are the main islands in the ocean - Bonn Island, Halamahara, Homonohon, Honshu and Kyushu Islands.

Animals - Sea snakes, octopus, whales, sharks, and eels in the Philippines Sea, along with a sea snake are also found among the most poisonous snakes in the world.

Coral Sea

Coral Sea, which is the world's second largest sea, is a seaside sea in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is located in the north-east of the Australian coast. This sea is known for its warm and stable living climate. Apart from this, frequent rainfall and tropical cyclones also show its specific geographical location. Queensland to the west, Vanuatu in the east and New Caledonia and Solomon Islands are located in the far south.

It is located in the north-west of Papua's creek. It is found in Tasman Sea in the south, Solomon Sea in the north and the Pacific Ocean in the east. The world famous mangrove rock Great Barrier Reef is also located in the region of this ocean.

Area - Total area of ​​Coral Sea is 4,791,000 sq. Km (1,850,000 sq mi). Its average depth is 2,394 meters and the deepest depth is approximately 9,140 meters deep.

Islands - Coral is the main island falling in the ocean - North Broke Island, Willis Island and Renal Island.

Animals - The main creatures found in the Coral Sea are Humpback Dolphin, Star Fish, Humpback Whale, Octopus and Sea Turtle. In addition to the 30 species of whales, there are many rare species of sea turtles, including green sea turtle, loger head and Olive Ridley. Apart from this, 1500 species of fish and 17 species of sea snakes have also made Coral Sea their habitat.

The Arabian Sea 

The Arabian Sea is the world's third largest ocean. It is only part of the northern Indian Ocean, in the northeast of the Indian peninsula, in the west, Somalia and Arabian Peninsula in the north, Pakistan and Iran and Maldives is located in Kaushin. The Arabian Sea has also been known as the Sea of Persia and the Arathrayan Sea. The Arabian Sea is connected to the Red Sea through the Gulf of Aden.

Because this is a large aquatic trading route. Major ports under it are Kandla, Mumbai, Marmagao, Kochi, Gwadar and Chabahar. India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, Somalia, Yemen and the Maldives are the countries of the Arabian Sea.

Area - The total area of ​​the Arabian Sea is 3,862,000 square kilometers (1,491,000 square miles). Its maximum depth is 4,652 meters and the maximum width is 2,400 km.

Islands - Astola Island, Durga Islands, Piram Island and Lakshadweep are the main islands falling in the Arabian Sea.

Animals - The smallest species of whales in the Arabian Sea, catfish, cardinalfish, dolphins, sea turtles in addition to sperm whales.

China Sea

South China Sea is a marginal sea which is only part of the Pacific Ocean. Its area stretches from the Straits and Malacca Strait to the Taiwan Strait. The South China Sea's water transport sector is the second most important waterway in the world. One-third of the world's shipping passes through this ocean, through which the business is about $ 3 trillion per annum. Apart from this, a large reservoir of oil and gas is also suppressed under its seabed (sea level).

According to the International Hydrographic Organization, the South China Sea is located in the south of China, east of Vietnam, west of the Philippines, the Malay Peninsula, north of Sumatra and Borneo. China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and Vietnam are the countries of the ocean boundaries.

Area - The total area of ​​South China Sea is 3,500,000 square kilometers (1,352,000 square miles). Its maximum depth is 5, 559 meters.

Islands - Fiery Cross Reef, Woody Island, Scarborough Showal, Spratley, Parsal and Pratas Islands, are the main islands falling in the South China Sea. There are about 250 islands in it.

Animals - this is the reason that approximately 3365 species of fish are found here. In 2012, the amount of fish that was caught in the entire world was 12 percent contributing to the total amount of 22 billion dollars. Apart from this, sharks, stingres, sea turtles, etc. are also found in it.

Wendell Sea

Wendell Sea is part of the Southern Ocean, and it lies between these latitudes 73 ° S and 45 ° W. Scotland's sailor James Weddell, who first discovered this ocean in 1923, is known only by the name of this ocean. It is surrounded by the Antarctic Peninsula of West Antarctica in the West and East of Antarctica's Kat's Land. The southernmost part of the Wadeel Sea is covered with a permanent and highly thick layer of ice, known as the Filchner-Ronn Ice shelf.

Wendel Sea's water is considered the cleanest of all the ocean on this earth. In 1986, a team of Dutch scientists took a sample of water from a depth of 80 meters, which was pure like the Distilled Water at the time of the examination. Other seas engaged in the Wadeel Sea are Lazarev Sagar, Scotia Sea and Billinghausen Sea.

Area - The total area of ​​the Waddell Sea is 2,800,000 square kilometers (1,080,000 square miles). Its maximum width is 2000 km.

Islands - Waddel is the main island falling in the ocean - Seymour Island, Snow Hill Island, Devil Island and Half Moon Island

Animals - There is abundance of whales and seals in the Weddel Sea, with Killer Whale, Humpback Whale, Mink Whale and Leopard Seals main. Apart from this, there is also a special species of penguin Adeli Penguin which is now practiced for its harsh environment. Wildlife photographers from around the world come to see a glimpse of the rare creatures found here.

The Caribbean Sea 

The Caribbean Sea is the sixth largest ocean in the world. It belongs to the Western Hemisphere and is part of the Atlantic Ocean. Its west to Mexico, in the south-west of central America, Cuba in the east, Lesser Antilles in the north and the North coast of South America's continent in Dashim. Its average depth is 2200 meters. The whole region of the Caribbean Sea and various islanders of the West Indies that fall into this are known as the Caribbean. The credit of discovering this sea also goes to Columbus, who, through this, had reached America in the year 1492 of India's deception.

Because the Caribbean Sea is one of the world's largest salamander, so too many bays in its area, including the Venezuelan, Paria and Honduras Gulf heads. After the Great Barrier Reef, the world's second largest formation of coral is also found in this ocean, known as Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. It is about 1000 km long.

Many hurricanes and cyclones that bring catastrophe in North America are also born from this ocean. The Caribbean Sea is the center of tourist attractions around the world. According to the Caribbean Tourism Organization, more than 10 million people reach the joy of the weather here every year. Apart from this, it is also one of the largest oil producing areas in the world.

Area - The total area of ​​the Caribbean Sea is 2,754,000 square kilometers (1,063,000 square miles). Located near Jamaica, Cayman Trough with a depth of 7,686 meters is the deepest point in the ocean.

Islands - The main island falling in the Caribbean Sea - St. Martin Antigua and San Andres Island.

Animals - More than 1000 species of fish are found in the Caribbean Sea, mainly in sharks, flying fish, ocean ocean rays, ternopones and eels. Most species of shark fishes have been seen here, which include Bull Shark, Tiger Shark and Silky Shark. In addition, 90 species of mammals, 500 species of reptiles and 600 species of birds are also found in the Caribbean region. Many species of sea turtles, toxic and tree frogs are also found here.

The Mediterranean Sea 

The Mediterranean Sea is the seventh largest sea in the world. It is connected to the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by the site part from around. In response to this, Europe is the continent of Africa in the south and Asia in the east. It would not be advisable to accept this ocean as part of the Atlantic, because geological surveys show that it was separated from the Atlantic Ocean approximately 59 million years ago. Although the Mediterranean Sea is connected to the Atlantic through the Treaty of Gibraltar, this strait is only 14 km wide.

This treaty also separates Europe from Africa. One of the world's most important ship canals, the Suez Canal, which is in its southeast, connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea. The Mediterranean Sea water area was one of the most important trading waterways of the ancient times.

Area - The total area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea is 2,510,000 square kilometers (970,000 square miles). Its average depth is 1,500 meters and the maximum depth is 5,267 meters. This place is known as Calypso Deep.

Islands - There are more than 3,300 islands in the Mediterranean Sea, with Rhodes, Chios, Corfu, Samos, Crete, Sicily, and Malta being the main ones. The boundaries of more than 50 countries meet this ocean, including Egypt, Albania, Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Israel, Turkey, Monaco, Cyprus and Croatia are the major countries.

Animals - Dolphins, logarhead sea turtles, sardines, sordfish, monk seals and sea crab are prominent among the organisms found in the Mediterranean Sea. With less water supply and more vaporization of water, the water of the Mediterranean is gradually becoming saline, due to which the clouds of distress are on the rise of many aquatic organisms.

Tasman Sea

Tasman Sea is the only seaside sea in the South Pacific Ocean and the world's oldest ocean. It is located between Australia and New Zealand countries. The name of this sea is named after the Dutch explorer Abel Janszoon Tasman, who discovered Australia's Tasmania Island and New Zealand. Its north is the Coral Sea, the Pacific Ocean in the east, the Southern Ocean in the south and the Bas Strait in the west. Many major cities of Australia and New Zealand have settled along the banks of the Tasman Sea, which are the main areas of Wolfgang, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington and Hobart.

Area - Tasman Sea has a total area of ​​2,300,000 square kilometers (888,000 square miles). Its maximum length is 2,800 km and the maximum width is 2,200 km.

Islands - The main islands located in Tasman Sea - Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island, Middleton Reef and Elizabeth Reef.

Animals - Hundreds of species of fish including dolphins, star fish, whales, octopus, sea snakes and sea turtles are found in the deep water of the Tasman Sea.

The Bering Sea

The Bering Sea is also the marginal ocean of the Pacific Ocean. It is isolated from Alaska Bay by the Alaska Peninsula. In the east and northeast of America, the Alaska State of America, the Far East of Russia in the west and Kamchatka Peninsula, the Alaska Peninsula in the south and the Aleutian Archipelago and the Baring Strait in the far north. Bering Strait connects this ocean with the sea of ​​arctic ocean.

In 1728, a Dutch explorer, Withers Bering, discovered this ocean. The main areas of the Bering Sea include Bering Strait, Bristol Bay, Norton Sound and Gulf of Anadir. This ocean is very important for the US and Russia, because they get about 2 billion dollars of fish per year from this sea water.

Area - The total area of ​​the Bering Sea is 2,261,100 km² (8,729,00 square miles). Its maximum length is 2,800 km and the maximum width is 2,200 km.

Islands - The main islands located in the Bering Sea - Island of Konderskey, King Island, Nunnuck Islands, Karaginski Island, St. Lawrence Island and Pribiloff Islands.

Animals - There are 419 species of fish in the Bering Sea, as well as 30 species of Seabird (sea birds). Apart from these, the largest species of crab, King Crab, Walrus, Sea Lion, Fur Seal, Polar Bear and Orca are also the main creatures of the Bering Sea aquatic region. But the main feature of this ocean is due to the many species of fish in the whale, including the Beluga whale, humpback whale, gray whale, blue whale, sperm whale, fin whale, sea whales and whales, the most rare species in the world. Pacific Right Whale '.

The Bay of Bengal 

The Bay of Bengal is the world's largest bay. The main source of water coming in is the main rivers of India, which are the main rivers Ganga, Jamuna, Brahmaputra, Godavari, Iravadi, Mahanadi, Krishna and Kaveri. The Bay of Bengal is surrounded by the Indian subcontinent in the west, north-west and east direction. In its north is Bangladesh, Myanmar in the northeast, Indonesia in the south-east and Sri Lanka in the far south. The maximum length of the Bay of Bengal is 2,090 km and the maximum width is 1,610 km. The name of this vast Gulf is due to the Bengal state of India.

In ancient times, it was also called Mahadhi. It is believed that once the Bay of Bengal was deeper than the Mariana Trench, which is today the deepest place in the world. But due to the Ganga, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers deposited in the 100 million tonnes of sediments which accumulate in it every year, its depth is greatly reduced. Visakhapatnam, Kolkata, Chennai, Haldia, Chittagong and Kakinada are the main ports located on the Bay of Bengal.

Area - The total area of ​​the Bay of Bengal is 2,172,000 sq km (839,000 square miles). Its average depth is 2600 meters. The deepest part of the Bay of Bengal is about 4,694 meters deep.

Islands - The main islands are located in the Bay of Bengal - Andaman and Nicobar islands, Mergui and Cheduba Islands.

Animals - Many species of fish in the Bay of Bengal along with sea turtle (Olive Ridley), Humpback dolphins, tuna, whales and sea snakes are also found. Apart from these, there are several coral reefs. About 60 lakh tonnes of fish are caught annually from the Bay of Bengal.

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