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Monday, September 10, 2018

Top 10 most dangerous disease

Top 10 most dangerous disease:-

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There are many people in the world who are suffering from peculiar disease. These diseases can be seen from children to adults. Similar is the case with the 10-year-old Shehna, a resident of Bangladesh.

 On the face of it, trees are coming out like twigs. People are scared of seeing Shahana's face. Actually, Sheana is suffering from Tree Man Syndrome. When she was six months old, such symptoms began to appear on her face. This disease has now started to spread in the nose, cheeks, and the rest of the face. In the world, this disease has 10 people.

So we discuss about the top 10 most dangerous disease. It is said that this disease has so far been seen only in males, but it is the first girl who is suffering from this disease. At the moment, the treatment is going on, but it is difficult for the doctors to say whether the disease will cure or not. 

However, this is not the first case to challenge medical science. There are many such diseases that are rare. Despite this, the names of these diseases are already recorded in the medical book. In this connection, we are telling you about some such strange diseases today.

Let's start for top 10 most dangerous disease-


 aliphantiasis has already been heard about it earlier. This type of disease seems to be the body of a man by mosquitoes with special types of viruses or parasitic worms. It is called lymphatic filariasia or allefantiasis.

 In which the size of the legs increases abnormally. Once infected, filariasis worsen the lymphatic system.

Epidermodysplasia varusiformis:-

Epidermodysplasia varusiformis is one of the terrible diseases, also called tree bark. This is one of the rare diseases related to skin on our earth.

 A virus called siniloma is the root of this disease, causing the whole body to look like a tree.


Progeria This disease is not less than a tragedy. In this, a young person looks like the elderly.

Only one case out of 80 lakhs comes out. Due to progesteria, hair does not come from childhood, arthritis disease and eyes are less visible. It happens at its peak until it's juvenile.


Hypertrichosis This strange disease causes the hair to grow inequally throughout the body. At one time the situation becomes like animals. It is also known as Wolf syndrome. There have been 50 such cases in the world so far.

 In the 18th and 19th centuries, the person suffering from this disease was put in the circus, because such people were the center of attraction.

Cotardus syndrome:-

Cotardus syndrome is a condition in which a person begins to understand himself dead. It is also called Coted Illusion (Illusion). In it, the person starts believing that he is ending in from inside. In this, the body starts rotting from inside.

 The blood slowly dries up and the internal organs stop working. About this, for the first time in 1880, French neurologist Jules Quotard told during a lecture in Paris. However, this disease is very rare.

Periodic paralysis:-

Periodic paralysis We all are not unaware of paralysis. In this, the body or part of the body stops working for some time. It can last for a few hours and a few days.

 It occurs due to the failure of the ion channel in the nerve cells. In which the contact with the body parts of the brain ends.


Methemoglobinemia is a rare and hereditary skin disease, in which the entire body of the victim falls blue.

 The level of methemoglobinemia in the blood, after reaching the high place, changes dramatically in the body. Due to this, difficulty in breathing, headache, fatigue, and decrease in hard work.


Trimethhemineuria This metabolic disorder is also called fish oder (odor) syndrome. Due to the lack of enzymes, the levels of triphethalmine increase in the body, causing horrible odor.

 Stench is made up of the person's urine, saliva and sweat. Now you can guess what kind of smell will be.

Foreign Avent syndrome 

Foreign Avent syndrome may seem a bit weird in hearing, but there is also a disease that strikes in the brain in such a way that the way the language is spoken changes.

A stroke or traumatic brain disfigures the brain. In many cases it was found that the patient who speaks his language since childhood learns the language of foreign language. A person who is coming out of a coma suddenly takes on foreign tone. It sounds a bit weird to actually hear.

Sexual appraisal syndrome:-

Sexual appraisal syndrome is also called restless genital syndrome. In this, women are subjected to excessive sexual arousal.

Their mind always keeps on playing for sex. Women have to face untimely pain. From this, they resort to sex for relief.

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