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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Top 10 places in kanpur

Top 10 places in kanpur

Top 10 places in kanpur

One of the historical cities of UP is such that there are some places where you will have a different experience. Kanpur also has a different place in the history pages. 

Kanpur is famous for the temples, apart from this, it is a special place to visit in Kanpur, where you must visit once.

Jain glass temple:-

Located near Kamala Tower in the Janarlanganj area of Kanpur, this temple is completely made of glass. For the Jains, this place is not less than the pilgrimage.

These temples built in memory of all the 24 shrines of the Jain community are built on the marble platform.

J.K temple:-

This huge temple of Radha Krishna situated in Sarvodaya Nagar is J.K. The temple is famous as the name. This huge temple made of white marble is the center of attraction for the Kanpurites.

 The scattered greenery in the temple premises is also enough to seduce.

Bithoor temple:-

The Ganga and the Bithoor Temple, which sanctify the western part of Kanpur, have lit a glimpse of the temple's faith. Sita Kitchen, Valmiki Ashram, Nanarab Park are related to history.

Brahm Kuti, situated on the Ganges coast, is considered to be the center of the world.

Iskon temple:-

Kanpur can be called as a stronghold of temples. The ISKCON temple, which is considered to be a symbol of the faith of foreigners in this episode, is also considered to be a symbol of faith. It is situated near the Marnavadi route Bithoor.

There is no way you can stop the Aarti from being disturbed.

Allen forest zoo:-

Kanpur zoo is a place to show all the creatures around the world. There can be a lot of money with the family here.

From time to time new animals and facilities are provided to tourists.

Blue world theme park:-

This theme park built in 2015 is a heart-rendering ride. People come from far away to enjoy the water park in the summer.

Open environment and interesting rides should definitely be about children.

Panki temple:-

The temple situated near Panki is a symbol of the faith of Bajrangbali. The revered place for the Hanuman devotees is a devotee. Panchamukhi Hanuman is the only temple situated in Uttar Pradesh.

Green park:-

The stadium located near Kanpur is famous at international level. From time to time, there is a plan to match.

Z Square mall:-

Z Square Mall is the largest mall in Kanpur. These malls, opened in 2010, are built in 84,000 meters square. There are more than 150 stores in this mall.

Motijheel garden:-

Motijheel Garden of Kanpur is the center of attraction. The park, which has swinging, fountain and boat, is very attractive to children as well as adults.

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