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Saturday, October 20, 2018

These 10 Most Weirdest and Unique World Records, created by Indians,you will also shocked when see

These 10 Most Weirdest and Unique World Records, created by Indians,you will also shocked when see it

Many people in the world make world records from their amazing adventures and they have their names all over the world, but any kind of record can be made and not Indian, it is possible. There is something like this in both India and Indians, which has surprised the whole world in some way or the other.

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People here probably do not believe in doing simple work, because they enjoy being surprised by doing some work. And one more thing is that the record which probably is not enough to do in any other than the Indians. So let's know about top 10 some of India's most unique World Records, which can only make Indian.

Largest Mosaic made by condom

All of you know about the population explosion of India, the population in the country is growing like a fish increases in a pond. And perhaps the world's largest condom mosaic was presented in the city of Nawab, Lucknow, to prevent population and to bring awareness among the people, and this exhibition was organized by Uttar Pradesh State AIDS Control Society, IIM Lucknow and Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust. Had gone 4418 condom packs were used to make the world's largest condom mosaic.

World's most heavy turban

The hardest thing to wear on your body is to wear the garment that it takes to wear. But just imagine that a person can wear a 100-pound turban on his head. Yes, 60-year-old Sikh Avtar Singh Mauni, living in the Patiala region of the Indian state of Punjab, has the record of wearing the longest and heavier turban in the world. Weighing approximately 45 kg. And it takes about 6 hours to bind them. If this turban is prolonged and prolonged, then it is approximately 650 meters long.

Tattoos of flags of 305 countries

Nowadays young people are very fond of making tattoos. Many of these love their country, so the country's flag or country's map tattoo is made. But this monsieur went out of all this too much. The man named Ginnes Rishi has kept the flute of 305 different countries as tattoos on his body. In addition, maps and 2985 letters from 185 countries are printed on their body. We think that maybe he loves the whole world.

World's tallest mustache person

It is said that the hobby is a big thing and because of this hobby many people make their records as well. One such name is Ram Singh Chauhan, resident of Jaipur. 58-year-old Ram Singh Chauhan has been guarding his spear for 32 years and he has never cut the spears in his life. That's why today's mustache is the longest in the world, its mustache length is about 14 feet. And this is itself an insight record.

Nose-typing record

We also do typing by hand, but have you ever heard that someone can type the letters with their nose !! No, but there is a record of the fastest typing in the name of Mohammad Khurshid Hussain of India, and also with the nose !! It is not right that they typing faster with their nose than typing them with a human hand. He has typed 103 characters in nose only 47.44 seconds. And that's exactly the right letter.

Hugging most people in 1 hour

Hug is considered good but just think how many people can you embrace at a time? More than 100 or 200 people But Jaisingh Ravila of the Tekalkali region of Andhra Pradesh has the record of embracing the maximum number of people in one hour. In one hour, Jaisingh made this name by hugging 2436 people. And their record is included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The highest number of Mahatma Gandhi

You also know that there is only one Mahatma Gandhi in the country and can be. But if we tell you that there are about 5000 Gandhiji together in the same place in the country !! We know you will not believe it, but it has happened. Indeed, on the occasion of Gandhiji's 146th birth anniversary, the children of 4605 Gandhiji dressed in the name of a group of Venus, St. N. and Venus organizations of Kolkata have organized a place to gather at one place. The highest form of Gandhiji in India, the number of children gathered in such a number that it became a world record.

Ear longest hair record

Long shave and long hair with long beard should have heard of it, but have you ever heard that the neck of the ear can also become a record of hair !! No, but that's what Anthony Victor did. Anthony Victor is a retired teacher, his name is also a distraught record. Their ear hair is 7.12 inches long. And it is the world's largest record of Kano's long hair in the world.

Records of earthworms and lizards eat

 You must have heard about bare grilles, who ate any insects or animals. One such country is also in Bayer Grills India. Yes, John Peter, who lives in India, is absolutely straight and ordinary, but his record is a bit overwhelming. Indeed, John does not like human food, but likes to eat insects. In breakfast, this man eats earthworms, 10-20 lizard in the afternoon and at night it dragonfly with lentils. And their name is World Record of the most earthworm eaten at a time.

Longest time dance

Who does not like to dance today. Everyone is dance crazy and dance means in India then God. Everyone likes to dance and where there is a chance, dance started. Well, how long can a person dance? More than 4 to 5 hours. But Kerala Sangeeta Nadka Academy of India has established a record in dance which is hardly possible for anyone. Actually, Kalamandalam Hemlata in Kerala Sangeeta Nadaka Academy registered her record for solo dance dance for 123 hours and 15 minutes, for the longest solo dance in the world.

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