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Sunday, October 28, 2018

These 10 things come from eating heart attacks, which you are eating everyday

These 10 things come from eating heart attacks, which you are eating everyday

Our heart works full life without any hesitation. It is very important to take care of the heart for the healthful body. Despite this, there are many deaths every year due to heart diseases in India. But do you know that your eating habits are making your heart very sick? If we pay attention to our diet,the heart can be kept healthful.
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Cholesterol levels and blood pressure are less than improving from the diet. Keeping these things in mind, we are telling you here about 10 such things which you should not eat in the sake of a healthy heart.

Fried chicken

Trans fat is found in abundance in any type of fried food. This is not only dangerous for our health, but also responsible for widening our waist deeper. Such things bring oxygen in our body, which is an enemy of anti-oxidants. Hot oil is used to deep frying the food. Hot oil destroys food and vitamins and antioxidants, making such oxidants that harm the cells.

Red meat

Red meat means that there is a lot of saturated fat, cholesterol and salt in red meat. It is advisable to eat red meat once a month.

Instant noodles

Instant noodles formed in two minutes are the favorite food for children and bablers. But it causes a lot of damage to the body of those who eat it day by day. So far, you may have been aware that instant noodles are deep fried before packing, which is not good for your heart. Not only this, salt is also very much in it. According to the study, 875 mg sodium is found in a pack of instant noodles. This amount is equivalent to sodium intake throughout the day. Increasing blood pressure increases blood pressure, which increases the pressure on the heart.

Chinese food

Chinese food is full of calories, fat, sodium and carbohydrate. It increases the blood sugar level of our body for a long time. That is, once you eat Chinese food and your blood sugar level will increase for a long time.

Potato and corn chips

Potato and corn chips contain plenty of trans fat, sodium, carbas and many things that are not good for your health and heart. It has been revealed in research that those who eat more than 200 milligrams of sodium in one day are one of the 10 people who die from heart disease. Potato and corn chips have saturated fat, which is the biggest cause of growth in the stomach. Not only this, these chips contain excessive salt which is responsible for many diseases of the heart.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks have natural energy boosters such as Guarana and Torrenne. When it comes in contact with caffeine, your heartbeat increases altogether. Energy drinks contain very high amount of caffeine, which means that Arthmiya may be complaining of arrhythmia. Arrhythmia means the change in the rhythm of your heart. When the beats are very fast, it is called tachycardia (tachycardia) and when the heart beats slow, it is called bradycardia. The most prominent symptom of arrhythmia is the irregular heartbeat of the heart.


Blood sugar levels can increase with the burning of soda. The soda raises the risk of heart disease by causing stress on the walls of arteries. Use of soda in everyday food can prove to be deadly.

Blended coffee

Blended Coffee is rich in calories and fat. There is also plenty of sugar in it, which is enough to increase blood sugar levels. Not only this, caffeine in this type of coffee also increases blood sugar levels and its intake is particularly harmful for diabetes and heart patients.


Pizza is home to fat and sodium. In its crust, a large amount of carbohydrate and sodium is found. The thing that exists in the pizza works to increase this sodium and fat. Not only this, there is more sodium in the pizza sauce. The intake of these things can cause an artery block. If you are fond of pizza, then use crust made from wheat flour and olive oil instead of flour.


Margarine is used as a substitute for butter. It is made from hydrogenated oil, which is the main source of trans fat. It boosts our body's cholesterol. It is not only harmful to our heart's health but it also accelerates the skin aging process. That is, our skin starts getting old before the time. Olive oil should be used instead of margarine.


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