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Thursday, October 25, 2018

top 10 amazing facts about india,have you ever listen?

top 10 amazing facts about india,have you ever listen?

There are so many people who sit at the shop, sit in the street or stand at the pan or tea shop and give abuses to the country's system. The truth is, there is nothing to do with abuses. A positive thinking will have to be developed, because then you will be able to divide the country's progress.

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This positive thinking will come from the reversal of your country's history pages. There are all such chapters with black chapters, which are the glory of the country. On whom we can be proud To develop a positive thinking for the country, we are keeping you in front of 40 facts about the country, which you probably may not know about. Or maybe after knowing these facts, your senses fly.

Origin of the name 'India'

The name 'India' is derived from the river named Indus, which shed in the valleys of Indus Valley.


The official Sanskrit name is Hindustan's 'Republic of India'. Today, people are only called 'India'.

Now let's start the top 10 amazing facts about india,have you ever listen?

1:-Pachisi(Ludo) was born in India in the 6th century. You must be surprised to know that the evidence of the picture of this game is still present in Ajanta caves. This game was very liked by the Mughal emperors of India.

2:-The world's highest cricket stadium is in Himachal Pradesh. This stadium is 24 thousand meters above sea level.

3:-India has the highest mosque in comparison to any country in the world. Not only this, India is the second largest country in the Muslim population.

4:-India is a country which has never attacked any country in history.

5:-India is a country which has never attacked any country in history.

6:-The world's first university is the only opened in India name "Taxila"

7:-After the United States and Britain, India is the only country whose highest guiness is the world record.

8:-In India, the floating post office is located in Dal Lake Sri Nagar. It was inaugurated in 2011. The name is Nehru Park Post Office.

9:-The world's largest rescue campaign was done by India in 1990 itself. When Iraq was attacked by Kuwait. Air India then airlifted some 1,71,000 Indians with the help of Indians living in Kuwait. Akshay Kumar's film "airlift" is based on this phenomenon.

10:-India is the second country in the world to create engineers and scientists.

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