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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Top 10 Guinness Book Of World Record 2018

Top 10 Guinness Book Of World Record 2018

The list of Guinness Book of World Record 2018 has come out. A total of 18 people have made this list in this list,but I will tell you about top10.In order to register their names in this book, people come from all over the world and show their respective achievements.
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Oldest bodybuilder

Jim Erington, the world's oldest bodybuilder, achieved this feat in 2013. Jim was then 83 years old. This year, his name has been recorded in Guinness Book of World Records.

The longest eyelids

China's Yu Giansea has managed to make a place in Guinness World Book of Records due to its longevity. Their eyelashes are 4.88 inches long.

Most heavy bicycle

Belgian engineer Jeff Peters created the world's heaviest bicycle. It is being told that the weight of this cycle is 860 kg.

Longest foot

Penza's Ekaterina Lizina has a length of 6 feet 8.77 inches. He is the world's longest professional model. The length of his left foot is 52.2 inches and the right leg length is 52 inches. Their name is the world's longest foot record.

The longest cat tail

The name of Saigones is Guinness Records of the longest pet cat cat. The length of the tail of the Saigonas is 44.66 centimeters.

Solving fastly the cube

Falix is a recording of Rubik cube solvage near Jamdeg. Students from Australia had solved the cube in just 4.73 seconds.

The earliest balloon blossom record

Hunter Evan holds the record of ballooning the earliest one hour in an hour. Ivan had 910 balloons in one hour.

Married couple

The name of Paulo Gabriel and Silva Barras is the world record of the world's smallest married couple. The length of both is 181.41 centimeters.

Longest nails

America's Texas-based Ayana Williams has the longest nail record. Their nails length is 8 feet 10.9 inches. Ayana has been raising her nails for the last 20 years.

largest knife

The world's largest knife made by the Rajasthan officer, entered the Guinness Book
Before Pankaj Ojha's knife knife, the record of the world's largest knife was the name of Portugal and the knife had a length of about 11 feet 06 in. Pankaj broke Portugal record by making a 17-foot 03-inch chalk

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