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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Top 10 languages are the most spoken in the world

Top 10 languages are the most spoken in the world

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There are many countries in the world and every place has its own language, no English speaks, no one is Hindi, no franc All have their language according to their own country. Therefore, different languages ​​are spoken in every country. But according to the UN, the number of languages ​​spoken worldwide is 6809.

The number of speakers in 90 percent languages ​​is less than 1 lakh. About 150 to 200 languages ​​are such that more than one million people speak. Today we will tell you what are the top 10 languages ​​spoken in the world and what number they are on.

So far, you would think that there is an English language that is spoken all over the world, but it is not so.


The number of people who speak English is much lower than the Mandarin language of China. Speaking of total data, the Chinese language is spoken by more than 1 billion people.


English is the language that is rapidly gaining its hold. This language spoken mostly in the US, Australia and the UK speaks about 508 million people.This is second language who spoken largest in the world.


This language is mostly used for spoken in the world the name of this language is Hindi. About 80 million people in the world can understand this language. Hindi is the only way of expressing about 45 million citizens in India.


Like English, this language is also prevalent in many countries. This language is more common in the continent of Central America, Canada, Spain, European countries and South America.


In Russia, the total population is 14.3 million, but the number of speakers of the Russian language is more than 200 million. Russian is more spoken in Europe, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.


Arabic language is in practice in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UEI, Oman, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt (Egypt). The number of speakers of this language is approximately 246 million, which is much less than Hindi.


The Bengali language is also spoken not only in Hindustan but also in Britain, European group. 211 million people speak this language.


About 191 million people - 19 million people speak Portuguese in the world. Apart from Portugal, this language is also spoken in places like Brazil, Angola, Venezuela, Mozambique.


Malay language is more popular among the Asian countries settling in the south-east of India. This language is originally spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei.


In the languages of the world, French is placed on number 10. And this language is very popular in France, Belgium, Canada, Cameroon, Haiti.

So these were the top 10 most spoken languages of the world which are spoken throughout the world and the most popular. Hopefully this information will be interesting to you. If yes, then share it with your friends and boost everyone's information.

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