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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Top 10 most sexual countries in the world

Top 10 most sexual countries in the world

In developed and independent countries sex is not so big. For many people, sex becomes an integral part of their lives. Not only because the population is to be increased, because also because regular sex is your mental and physical health. This is the reason that in many countries childhood education is given to children. If you talk about the most backward country in terms of sex, then that is Japan because people of the average age on average are only 48 times a year, which is less than once in a week. But today we are talking about the top 10 countries where sex is very important for people.

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For many years, Switzerland has been on top of this list. The reason for this is also that their views are very open, taking on vaishyavata. On Swiss TV you can also see many sex scenes. Swiss people do not panic even by having sex in public. Sex education in Switzerland is given in advance.


Italy is very famous for its wine and food. But what does it relate to sex? Because sexual attraction in Italy starts with a dinner table. A little wine, candle light, flavored food and romance flame burns. The people of Italy are considered as the best lover of the world anyway.


Spain's atmosphere is very favorable for sex. The men here are considered to be the best lover. 90% of Spanish people believe that their sex life is very good. There is no ban on sex in public in Spain. This is the reason that many nude beeches are there.


In Greece mythology, sex and sexual designs have been explained in very detail. The people of Greece are very open about sex and do not hesitate to talk about sex to their families, friends and colleagues. Greece people believe that communication is a must for a satisfying sexual life.


Brazilian men are considered to be the second best lover in the world. The first place is with the men of Spain. Brazilian people are fully satisfied in the case of sex. 82% believe that they have sex at least three times a week.


If you talk about sexual activities, Mexico is considered to be the most decisive country. 63% of people believe that they are completely satisfied. In 2008, about 7,00,000 children were given sex education books, which contained information about miscarriage and homosexuality. Vecheism is not a crime in Mexico. Despite this, Mexico is quite ahead in illegal flesh trade.


This country of Europe is known for its sexual activities anyway. Regardless of whether there are many red light areas in Amsterdam or Netherlands sex education, its course is called 'Long Live Love'. This is the reason that the cases of sexually transmitted diseases in Netherlands are very low and even unnecessary pregnancy.


People in Australia are also weird because they enjoy sex in the car! 75% of Australians have admired that they have sex on the road. 27% of Australian women believe that they are fully satisfied with their sex life. His most favorite sexual fantasy is Threesom.


In India, customs are highly regarded and this is the reason why Indians wait for the most before sex. People in our country usually lose their virginity at the age of 22. But in this list India has always been in the top 10. Another reason that brings India to this list is that the Indian men take time to attract women towards themselves. But in the end, Indians are also ahead in having sex at the earliest. The average time of Indians is 13 minutes.


In 2012, Nigerian women were considered the most infamous. According to statistics, 62% Nigerian women are dishonest with their partner. According to a research company of Durex, Nigerians take their time in sex. The average time of sex is 24 minutes. These figures are shocking because there is a lot of conservatism in Nigeria.


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