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Monday, October 22, 2018

Top 10 unaware facts about human body parts

Top 10 unaware facts about human body parts

The human body is the most beautiful creation of nature, because it has the ability to think, understand, and make decisions. There are many interesting facts related to our body that we do not know about. Learn about some interesting facts related to body parts in Top 10 unaware facts about human body parts so let's start.

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Bone Facts

At birth, there are 300 bones in any human body, which connects with time to 206. Do you know that 22 of these bones are in our head.

Liver Facts

Liver-related facts Perhaps you will not know that our liver is the largest organ in our body whereas the largest part of our skin body Which contains about 64 lakh sensitive fibers.

Brain Facts

When the human being is awake, his brain flows electrical energy from 10 to 23 watt, which is enough to run a bulb too. There is no vein of pain in the human brain, so he does not feel any pain.

Heart facts

The human heart is very powerful, it pumps the blood with very strong pressure. It pumps the blood so fast that if the heart has to go out of the body, it can bounce up to 30 meters above the blood. Our heart beats about 1 million times in 24 hours, which keeps the body floating by pumping 400 million liters of blood throughout the whole life crossing the figure of 30 crores.

Nose And Eye facts

We can smell with the nose, we all know it, but do you know this truth related to the nose that your nose can smell about fifty thousand types of aroma and eyes can recognize one lakh colors.

Blood Vessels facts

If an average person's blood vessel is added, then 96 thousand kilometers long series can be formed, allowing the Earth to rotate two and a half times.

One Another Brain fact

When you look closely at the face of a person, you use the right part of your brain and while laughing, almost five parts of our brain work together.

Cells Facts

Motor neurons cells are the longest in the body of the body, which starts from the spinal cord to the toe of the foot. You know its length can be around 4.5 feet (1.37 meters).

Water Facts

Water is very important for the body, but besides health, there are many facts related to it. If there is 1% water shortage in the body then we start feeling thirsty. Anyone can live a month without eating but can not live a week without drinking water. According to one estimate, we drink about 75,000 liters of water throughout our life time.

Salivation Facts

About 1 liter saliva is produced every day in the mouth of the human body and around 10 thousand gallons of saliva in the entire lifetime. About 70 women of men and about 90 hair fall daily.

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