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Friday, October 26, 2018

Top 10 wondering facts of brain,you never know about it

Top 10 wondering facts of brain,you never know about it

About Brain

The human brain has been divide into three parts.

1. Forebrain
2. Mid Brain
3. Back Brain

Forebrain is primarily in the cerebrum, which controls the power of thinking of the brain. Midbrain is not split into some other part and posterior brain contains Pons, Cerebellum and Medula. Posterior brain has to control the change in head, neck, etc. in response to the stimuli of seeing and hearing. It also controls the movement of the eye muscles.

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In this post, friends will make you about  top 10 wondering facts and secret of human brain information of the human brain, which you would hardly know about.

Top 10 wondering facts of brain

1.  The weight of human brain is about 2% of the total weight of the body i.e. 3 pounds, out of which 60% of the weight is present in fat, due to which the brain is the most fatty part of our body.

2.  According to scientists, Human Brain is more active in the day than night. Primarily our brain has about 100 billion neuron cells.

3.  According to John Hawkes, an anthropologist of the University of Wisconsin, based in Madison, the human brain has shrunk about 9 cubic inches that is 150 cubic centimeters, whereas in ancient times, the average area of ​​the human brain was 82 cubic inch, that is 1350 cubic centimeters.

4.  Neurons grow faster than 200,000 per minute during pregnancy.

5. You will be surprised to know that only 5 minutes the human brain stops working due to lack of oxygen.

6.  Do you know that 12-25 watt power is generated in the human brain, which is enough to burn low voltage LED light.

7.  You will be surprised to know that the wrinkles visible on our face make the human brain even faster. The surface of the brain is known as cerebral cortex, in which there are some complex deep cracks. There are some small grooves, which are known as "sulci" and are spots of spots, which are known as "gyri". Along with that, it is home to approximately 100 billion nerve or neuron cells.

8.  Do you know that most of the cells in the brain are not neurons? Neurons are only equipped with the 10% brain cells, while the 90% brain cells "Glia" glue "offers, which the Greek" | According to neuroscientist "Glia" (glia) has a viscosity substance, which neurons are informed about the role of these Glia cells in a letter to a means or with L 2005 Journal of Nugbayoloji magazine AD, an increase of chromosomal combination And to promote activity, they provide protection in order of its development.

9.  Many times we hear that mind have left brain or right brain from people, which is wrong it is just only one brain in our body.

10. It is surprising that humans can only use 10 percent of their brains. That is, 90 percent of the brain remains inactive! This theory was first revealed when American psychologist William James examined his son's IQ.

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