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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

See the 10 amazing facts of England that you may not know

See the 10 amazing facts of England

England is a world that has ruled 88 percent of the land of the vicinity. Only then it was said about England that the sun never goes away in its empire. 
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This country has ruled over nearly 50 other countries including India, America. Today we tell you some 10 interesting facts about England that you will find some insightful things about this country.

England fact one

England is counted as the continent of Europe but it is located on the Great Britain island, 110 kilometers from the mainland of Europe, about 75 percent of the Great Britain islands belong to England and the rest is from Wales, Scotland and South Ireland.

England fact two

In the year 1666, almost half of London was burnt in a terrible fire in London, in which only 6 people were injured, while no one was killed.

England fact three

England, 74 times the United States, 59 times from Australia and 3 times smaller than Japan. But England's population is 2.5 times more than Australia and the population is 2.5 times more than Japan.

England fact four

More than 30,000 people name in England have John Smith.

England fact five

In England, the highest temperature is recorded at 38.5 degrees celcius whereas in India in May and June, daily temperature is usually around 40 degrees.

England fact six

India is the largest producer of tea in the world, but England is at the forefront of the world according to the consumption of tea per person.

England fact seven

About 300 languages are spoken in England.

England fact eight

England's first telephone directory had only 25 names.

England fact nine

America's National Anthem is composed by an Englishman.

England fact ten

England's Windsor Castle is the world's oldest and largest royal family.

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