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Monday, November 12, 2018

top 10 most educated politicians of india it's so shocking.....

top 10 most educated politicians of india

There are very few leaders in our country who are educated or their education is quite high. But among them there are also some politicians in the country which are highly educated. Today, we are going to tell you about a similar politician whose names include 20 degrees and 28 gold medals.
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Let's know about top 10 most educated politicians of india it so shocking.....

Dr. Manmohan Singh

Dr. Manmohan Singh is the former Prime Minister of India and India's famous economist Dr. Manmohan Singh. These are the politicians of the country's highly educated Congress. He has done a doctorate in economics from Oxford and has also worked as the Reserve Bank Governor.

Subrahmanyam Swamy

BJP leader Subrahmanyam Swamy has a PhD from Harvard University. His PhD's guide was a well-known economist and Nobel Prize winner Simon Kuznets. At the same time, he has taken high education from Statistics ISI Kolkata.

Kapil Sibbal 

Kapil Sibbal is a leader and former minister, is known as a legal expert of the country. He has a degree from Harvard Law School. At the same time, higher education has been achieved from Cambridge.

Arvind Kejriwal 

Arvind Kejriwal came to the country's politics from Janalokpal and Arvind Kejriwal, who emerged as a capable leader in Delhi politics as a Aam Aadmi Party, is a highly educated politician. He have also a former IRS officer.

P. Chidambaram

P. Chidambaram Former Indian Finance Minister and Congress leader P. Chidambaram is among the highly educated politicians. He has a degree in Statistics from Presidency College. As well as the LLB from Madras Law College. He also have a MBA degree from Harvard Bussiness University.

Dr. Srikant Jichkar 

Dr. Shrikant Jichkar was the leader of the Congress of Maharashtra. In the country's most educated politicians, their name is definitely number one. Because he has got 20 degrees and 28 Gold Medals from 42 Universities across the world. IAS and IPS are also nearby. But for the country, they came into politics and more than ten departments used to handle it once. But he died in a road accident in 2004. Despite this, the impression they left in politics in a very short time, so he will always be remembered.

Jairam Ramesh

Jairam Ramesh was a former Congress minister, has done B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Mumbai. As well as MCC from Carnegie Mellon University.

Jayant Sinha 

Jayant Sinha is the most educated politician of Jayant Sinha's today. He has an IIT degree as well as a degree from Pennsylvania's University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He has also worked in the Board of Directors of many leading global companies. Jayant Sinha is the BJP MLA from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand and is the Union Minister.

Jyotiraditya Sindia

Jyotiraditya Sindia, Jyotiraditya Sindia, a young leader of Congress, is arguably an inspirational personality for the youth. He has done his schooling from the famous Doon School of India. And has taken higher education from Economics from Harvard. At the same time, he has worked with Morgan Stanley, a well-known financial institution, as a four-year investment banker.

Bijayant Panda 

Bijayant Panda is the leader of Biju Janata Dal from Odisha. He has taken advanced engineering and management education from MIT. Before joining politics, he has worked with corporate companies.

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