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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Top 10 unknown mysterious caves of india,which are world most oldest in the earth

Top 10 unknown mysterious caves of india

Did the initial human live in the cave? It is worth mentioning that the scientists have considered the world's oldest mountainous hills of Aravali and Satpura. The people of Greece believed that their gods lived in caves. In the same way, the Romans believed that people in the caves lived in fairies and magicians. The people of Persia believed that the caves dwell in the caves. Today's science says that the aliens lived in caves. The history of the caves is centuries old. In the Stone Age, humans lived in caves.

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Let's know about top 10 mysterious caves of India, which are now battling their survival crisis in the absence of maintenance. The Government of India should take care of this.


Bhima used to sit here and rest, so these caves are called Bhimbethakka. Bhimbabethak is located in Ratapani Sanctuary. It is 40 kilometers south of Bhopal. From here, the hills of Satpura begin. Bhimbetka (Bhimbethak) is an archaeological residential archaeological site located in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is famous for the paintings and shelves made by Admanav. These images are considered from the period of Palaeolithic to the time of the Middle Ages.

Ajanta-Ellora caves

This place is situated in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra.These caves are several thousand years old, but due to Buddhist caves, they have been considered from 2nd century BC to 7th century AD, but now new research has changed this belief.

Elephanta's cave

A place situated about 12 kilometers from the Gateway of India, which is world famous by the name of the Elephanta. Who would have made these beautiful and mysterious caves cut off the mountain here? It is believed that it was discovered by the Rashtrakutas kings in the 7th and 8th centuries. 'Search was' meant that it was not created by them. The number of these caves of several thousand years old is 7, the most important of which is Mahesh Murthy's cave. Elephanta is known by the old name of Gharapuri, which was the capital of the island of Konkani Maurya.

Tiger Caves

Caves of Tiger are the unique gifts of ancient India's golden age. Tourists from abroad and abroad come to see the tiger caves located in the ancient site Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. Dhar is only 60 km away from the city of Indore. The history of these caves, situated on the left bank of the small river called Bighini and on the southern slopes of the Vindhya mountain, is also full of mysteries.

Caves of Mahakali and Kannhari

There are many caves in Mumbai. Among them, the caves of Elephanta, Mahakali and Kahnari are famous. The cave of Mahakali is near Buddhist monastery in Andheri West of Mumbai, while the cave of Kanheri is located in the Borivli area located in the west of Mumbai.

Kutumbasar caves

lived in caves of the family, etc. One study showed that in crores of years ago, humans used to live in caves of Bastar's family in prehistoric times. Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, Institute of Pelco Botany Lucknow and Geology Studies Shala Lucknow have given this information.

Caves of Jammu and Kashmir

In Kashmir, in the cave of Amarnath and Vaishno Devi, Hindujan goes for Darshan but there are four such caves in Kashmir which are said to be that their second end goes to Russia 4000 thousand kilometers away. Not only this, there are other secrets about these caves, whose truth has not been revealed even centuries later.

Pure panna cave:There is a cave in Pir Panjal of Jammu and Kashmir where a Shivalinga is kept. Its name has been named Pir Panjal Cave.

Shiva Bay: In Jammu there is a cave named Shiva.

Arjan Cave

Jagat Kush is situated at a distance of 5 kilometers from Kullu. Jagatsukh was the capital of King Jagat Singh of Kullu. At this place the temples of Bimbakeeshwar and Gayatri Devi are particularly attractive. It is near the place named Hamta. Here is the famous Arjuna Cave.

Patalakhora's cave

Patalakhora's cave is located in Maharashtra's Aurangabad district. A total of 13 caves have been made to cut stone rocks here. Cave number 3 Chaitya house and cave number are 4 viharas. Of the 37 eight-eleven pillars located here, 12 are left, and the remaining stupas have been destroyed. It is likely to be built in the second century BC.

Caves of Udayagiri

Udaygiri can be reached from Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh via Vesnagar. This hill is about 1 mile from the river. This ancient site is located between Betwa and Besh rivers, four miles away from Bhilsa.

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