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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

How to make money online from these top 10 apps and you can earn huge money

How to make money online from these top 10 apps and you can earn huge money 

Nowadays people of every generation spend most of their time on mobile. Some people do chatting, so some games play. It is their time to go, but your such habit can help you earn money. Actually, many companies have created such mobile games and apps, which you can use to earn thousands of rupees.

How to make money online without any investment

So let's see how to make money online from these top 10 apps by


This is a gaming app. Its name is streak. In this, knowledge associated with your sports is tested. These apps are great for those interested in sports. In it you have to guess the correct winner before any online match starts. If your estimation is correct then you will get the money in lieu of it.

Adda 52

This is the best website in India to play poker games. In this you can play with your real money. According to the company, your money will be completely safe. In this app, you will get money on playing poker and winning. In this, you can win up to one lakh rupees cash per day. If you do not want to play poker games, you can also practice it in this app.


This is a great app for the online quiz game. These Indian TV shows have started like Kaun Banega Crorepati. This is a live gaming quiz show. The TV actor Gaurav Kapoor hosts. This show is broadcast twice a week at 1:30 pm in the working day and at 10 pm. Once this week, the competition is held at 10 pm on weekends. In this you can play Hindi and English in two languages. In this app, the more answers are correct when the more answers are correct.

Brain stab

This is also a quiz game app. Here you can win thousands of rupees a day by answering the correct answer. You can get the cash you have received through Cash and Mobikwik app. This game happens every night at 9 p.m. In it you have to give the correct answers to about 11 answers in a day.

Watch and Earn

This is an app in which you can earn money by watching advertisements. You will get points based on the number of ads you see in it. Redeeming these pans will give you movie tickets, gift vouchers, mobile top ups and online cash.

Cash pirate

Under this app, you will have to participate in the online survey. You will have to complete this survey form. You will get an online cash on the counting of the survey. In this app, you can earn money even by watching paid videos. In this you will be given some online coins. Whom you can redeem in gift cards and cash.

Skill 4 Win

This is a multi-functional app. In this you can play many types of games. There are three categories of gaming. In the first phase, Nine Balls and 15 Balls are Real Pool Games. The second has memory games and shooting games. While in the last stage there are puzzle games. In these games you have to beat Online others and you'll need to challenge others. The amount won in the game will be added to your online account. Which you can get out of time.

Yes mobo

This is an easy-to-use app. In it, you will have to share the aids to your friends and people familiar. You will receive money when your friends click on your ads. These money will be found directly in your account.

Ring spin

This is a very easy gaming app. In it you will need to download the ring spin app and create your account in it. By signing in you will be able to participate in this game. In this game you will find a spin wheel. There will be many colors in it. From this, you will have to turn rings through selecting a color. You will get cash according to whatever number you get on it. You can take this cash from Paypal and Payza account.


This is also a gaming app. In it, you have to win tickets by playing a game. You must also invite your friends in it and watch the video. The more tickets you earn, the more chances you will win. In this game, 10 people are declared winners on every third day. They get their payment through PayPal account.

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