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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Top 10 amazing trending facts about Hong Kong.....

Top 10 amazing trending facts about Hong Kong....

Hong Kong, officially the People's Republic of OFONG Special Administrative Region of China is an autonomous region on the Pearl River Delta of East Asia. Hong Kong's own political and economic system which is different from China. It is one of the most important financial centers in the world, so let's know friends and more interesting top 10 facts about Hong Kong and their history, economy and culture associated with the Hong Kong country.

Top 10 amazing trending facts about Hong Kong....

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Fact one

In 2012, a Hong Kong billionaire had offered to pay $ 65 million to anybody capable of wooing and marrying his gay daughter.

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Fact two

Peak Tram In 1888, the first cable in Asia became a funicular and it was one of the fastest and oldest cable railroads in the world. The average of more than 11,000 people every day rides a peak tram or is more than 4 million annually.

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Fact three

world's richest city known as Hong Kong in the richest cities. Compared to any other area in the world, Rolls Royce is the highest per capita here.

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Fact four

It is governed under the principle of "one country, two systems", under which China has agreed to agree to give this region high level independence and the date of handing over its economic and social order for 50 years.

Fact five

Hong Kong uses seawater to flush toilets.

Fact six

There is no restriction in Hong Kong for selling alcohol to minors.

Fact seven

Tsing Ma Bridge, with its main length of 1,377 meter, is the longest Suspension Bridge in the world with both rail and road traffic, which is 100 meter longer than the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Fact eight

Mongkok has the world's largest population density, of average 130,000 people per square kilometer.

Fact nine

In 2004, a league match was closed in Hong Kong, because the batsman Hussain Butt was hit so much sixes that he "is in danger of crossing the traffic."

Fact ten

Hong Kong International Airport is the busiest in the top 10 of the world. It handles more than 59 million passengers every day.

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