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Saturday, June 8, 2019

CELL (definition,discovery,theory,features,general important terms)



(definition,discovery,theory,features,general important terms)

CELL (definition,discovery,theory,features,general important terms)


# The basic structural and functional unit of life.

# latin word (cell=little room).


# in 1665, "Robert Hooke" firstly called as 'cells'.

CELL (definition,discovery,theory,features,general important terms)

# father of cytology (Robert Hooke).


# All living organisms are made up of cells.

CELL (definition,discovery,theory,features,general important terms)

# eg:- home is made up of bricks,an 
organism is made up of cells.

# different organisms have different types of cells.


# All cells have cell membrane.

# All cells have genetic material (DNA or 

# All cells produce energy.

# All cells transmit genetic information to 
its successor cells.

# Various functions such as synthesis of 
nucleic acid and proteins.

General important terms:-

# Cells can not seen by naked eyes,only 
seen by the microscope.

# First living cell was observed by 
'Leeuwenhoek' in pond water.

# Robert Brown in 1831 discovered the 
nucleus in the cell.

# Schleiden and Schwann proposed the 
cell theory.

           -All plants and animals composed of

           -The cell is the basic unit of life.
# R. Virchow expanded the cell theory and 
suggested that all cells arise from pre 
existing cells.

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